Rooted in Faith

Rooted in FathPlanting Roots…. Rooted in Faith is a development campaign that invites stakeholders to invest in Saint Boniface’s mission.
This is a campaign to raise funds, payable at once or over a period of time, to supplement offertory and other sources
of parish and school income. The goal amount for the 2017 Rooted in Faith campaign is $150,000. Maintenance and improvement to our beloved historical buildings is a continuing priority.
Every gift, no matter the size, will help offer better opportunities to our students and families.
All gifts will serve the needs of our students today, tomorrow and beyond.
Through its traditions, Saint Boniface changes every life it touches. Traditions are roots that allow us to grow strong…
strong in our Benedictine values of prayer, work and service. We thank those of you who have walked before us; we embrace
those who walk beside us; and we encourage those who will walk behind us in the years to come.
Monies received in the Rooted in Faith campaign have been directed towards the following:

How will the 2016 Rooted in Faith funds be used?

All monies received in this year’s Rooted in Faith Campaign will be directed toward the following divisions:

Campus Improvement: Your gift will go towards the renovation and restoration of all buildings and outdoor areas on the Saint Boniface campus. Maintenance and improvement to our historical buildings will be a continuing priority.

Tuition Assistance: Your gift will help fund tuition assistance for families with a need in our parish and school community. This includes assistance for students attending Trinity Junior High school.

Educational Enrichment: Your gift will be used to start bringing textbooks up to date. These textbooks will include a new textbook series with an online technology component. Teacher development is included in educational enrichment and will provide training opportunities for teachers to grow professionally in their field, and be up to date with current methodologies and standards of teaching best practices for the academic success of our students.

Endowment: Your gift supporting our school endowment, you not only provide for St. Boniface’s current needs, but you also ensure its future. The endowment is a foundation for which the school relies on to help subsidize the deficit between the tuition that is paid by each family and the cost to actually educate each student.

Technology: Your gift will be directed toward funding our school’s technology resources. This year will focus on acquiring mini laptops for Kindergarten through 6th grade. The acquisition of 5 Mimio interactive teach boards that will correlate with the laptops are also desired.

Campaign Expenses: Your gift will be applied toward operating expenses for Rooted in Faith. This includes the cost of publication and mailing needs.

STBLOGOSYou can participate in Rooted in Faith several ways:

  • By making a one-time financial gift;
  • By making a monthly financial pledge, payable monthly over 12 months;
  • By making a gift-in-kind of professional services or needed resources;
  • By making a gift of service with your time and talent;
  • By making a gift of prayer for the success of our school and the Rooted in Faith campaign.

All financial gifts are tax-deductible.
You may make a gift to the Rooted in Faith campaign by mailing a donation to:

Saint Boniface Catholic Church and School
Rooted in Faith Campaign
1820 North B Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901

“Rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught and overflowing with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:7