Football Fundraiser

Football Fundraiser & Weekly Winners


The FOOTBALL FUNDRAISER is a program used by the Endowment Board of Trustees to raise funds that are used in various ways to support Saint Boniface School, the school staff, the school students, and relieve some of the financial expenses of the student parents. The goal of the FOOTBALL FUNDRAISER is to limit the number of times and the amount of financial support that the school may have to appeal to the Endowment Trust thereby allowing the donated funds received by the Endowment Trust to stay invested and maintain the earning power of these funds.

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Football Fund-Raiser Results

SBEF Football Week 1 Winners

SBEF Football Week 2 Winners

SBEF Football Week 3 Winners

SBEF Football Winners Week 4

SBEF Football Winners Week 5

SBEF Football Winners Week 6

SBEF Football Winners Week 7

SBEF Football Winners Week 8

SBEF Football Winners Week 9

SBEF Football Winners Week 10

SBEF Football Winners Week 11

SBEF Football Winners Week 12

SBEF Football Winners Week 13


Tickets sold in this fundraiser, will be sold by St. Boniface.  All winners are listed in the Saint Boniface Church bulletin each week and will also be posted on the Saint Boniface School website listed on the ticket, and the church website, Saint Boniface has a record of each ticket sold, and each ticket’s team combinations of teams, and will know who are winners are.  Saint Boniface reserves the right to post the names of the winners of the tickets we have sold. Checks will be mailed the week after the games have been played.

Anyone who may be interested in participating, and would like to be on an email distribution list, please email Frank Klein at