Endowment Pays For Student’s Baseball Program



When I first sat down to write this article for the Saint Boniface
Catholic School Endowment Fund’s newsletter, I made a list of the
equipment and fees that had been purchased or paid for through
the school’s Endowment Fund. I thought of the batting cages, helmets,
catcher’s gear, bats and balls that are essential to the game of
baseball. I mentally checked off the kids from financially distressed
families who were given the opportunity to play because of the contributions
from the Endowment Fund. And I wondered how I
could ever put into words the positive impact I see the Endowment
making to the children of our parish and school.
Then I realized that such an article is impossible to write. Writing
about the money made me feel like an accountant filing a report.
Listing the virtues and habits learned made me sound like a
physical education teacher. I am not the former, and while I am the
latter, no adult wants to read a thank you letter from a gym teacher.
I sat back, exasperated, and let my mind wander. Joy from memories
of big wins brought a smile to my face. Pain from thoughts
of times I failed as a coach creased my brow. And tears welled up
in my eyes as I recalled kids, my own daughters included, whom I
have been fortunate enough to coach.
Suddenly I knew what to say; I just didn’t know how to say it,
elegantly or beautifully. So I will say it simply. Thank you.
Thank you for the look on Owen’s face when he knocked in a
big run to win a tight game.
Thank you for the smile on Isaiah’s face after he made a diving
Thank you for the laughter my assistants and I shared when Paul
David bounced up from an awkward landing to declare, “I’m alright!”
And, most importantly, thank you for strengthening the bond I
have with my daughters. Without baseball, I doubt that several of
our conversations would have occurred, and I question whether or
not we would be as close as we are now.
Thank you for helping me be a decent man, father, and coach!
I have to go now. My youngest wants to play catch.
Thank you for that, and all you do for Saint Boniface.
Mike Bishop, Saint Boniface Baseball Coach