2017 Football Fundraiser

The FOOTBALL FUNDRAISER is a program used by the Endowment Board of Trustees to raise funds that are used in various ways to support St. Boniface School, the school staff, the school students, and relieve some of the financial expenses of the student parents. The goal of the FOOTBALL FUNDRAISER is to limit the number of times and the amount of financial support that the school may have to appeal to the Endowment Trust thereby allowing the donated funds received by the Endowment Trust to stay invested and maintain the earning power of these funds.

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Open Enrollment 2017-2018 School Year!

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RenWeb for Homework Assignments and more…

New RenWeb Site

Welcome to the updated site at RenWeb, an interactive resource that will tell you all about your child’s progress during the school year. It is an excellent source if your child misses school, or you just want to see what is happening with your child’s education, as well as all these resources:

Core Features

For even more information, please peruse the PDF below:

What Is RenWeb

Tuition Rates and Obligations

Tuition payments will be automatically drafted monthly from the Parent’s or Guardian’s Checking Account. For further information click on the link below to get started:

2017-18 Tuition Rates and Obligation Agreement

Rooted in Faith

Rooted in FathPlanting Roots…. Rooted in Faith is a development campaign that invites stakeholders to invest in Saint Boniface’s mission.
This is a campaign to raise funds, payable at once or over a period of time, to supplement offertory and other sources
of parish and school income.
Through its traditions, Saint Boniface changes every life it touches. Traditions are roots that allow us to grow strong…
strong in our Benedictine values of prayer, work and service. We thank those of you who have walked before us; we embrace
those who walk beside us; and we encourage those who will walk behind us in the years to come.
Monies received in the Rooted in Faith campaign have been directed towards the following:

  • Tuition assistance helps fill the financial need of many Catholic families in our parish and school community.
    Our primary mission as a Catholic school is to educate our children in the faith.
    To quote the former Archbishop of Washington, James Cardinal Hickey: “We don’t educate the children because THEY are Catholic, we educate them because WE are Catholic.”
  • Supporting our school Endowment Fund, you not only provide for St. Boniface’s current needs, but you also ensure its future.
    Directing funding toward campus improvements to renovate and restore all buildings.

STBLOGOSMaintenance and improvement to our beloved historical buildings is a continuing priority.
Every gift, no matter the size, will help offer better opportunities to our students and families.
All gifts will serve the needs of our students today, tomorrow and beyond.
You can participate in Rooted in Faith several ways:

By making a one-time financial gift;

  • By making a monthly financial pledge, payable monthly over 12 months;
  • By making a gift-in-kind of professional services or needed resources;
  • By making a gift of service with your time and talent;
  • By making a gift of prayer for the success of our school and the Rooted in Faith campaign.

All financial gifts are tax-deductible.
You may make a gift to the Rooted in Faith campaign by mailing a donation to:

  • Saint Boniface Catholic Church                                          ST. Boniface Catholic School
    Rooted in Faith Campaign                                                    Rooted In Faith Campaign
    1820 North B Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901                    201 N. 19th Street, FS, AR 72901

“Rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught and overflowing with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:7

Why a Private Catholic School?

When you were old enough to begin kindergarten, chances are you went to the public school around the corner, or perhaps to the religious school a short ride away. For your parents, the choice of schools was probably pretty simple.  Not any more.  Today, education is a complex and compelling topic in our national dialogue. Questions about school quality, accountability, curriculum, and teacher training arise each day, and we explore them in the newspapers, during political debates, and over kitchen tables all across the country. What this means for you, as you try to decide on the best school for your child, is that you have to do your homework. Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make.

In an independent report, NCES (National Center for Education Statistics) found that private schools had students who scored higher on standardized tests, had more demanding graduation requirements, and sent more graduates to college than public schools. The report said that students who had completed at least the eighth grade in a private school were twice as likely as other students to graduate from college as a young adult. NCES statistics also showed that students in private schools are much more likely than others to take advanced-level high school courses.

Students thrive when allowed to learn in a safe and supportive environment. Joint reports by the NCES and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and a private study by the Horatio Alger Association have found that private school students are significantly more likely than others to feel safe and be safe in their schools.

  • 67% of private high school graduates attend four-year colleges, compared to 40 percent of public high school graduates;
  • Private school students from low socio-economic backgrounds are more than three times more likely than comparable public school students to attain a bachelor’s degree by their mid-20s, meaning that private schools contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for their students

When looking at public or private schools, the following factors come into play:

  • Academic reputation: Saint Boniface is accredited by the Arkansas Non-Public Schools Accrediting Association and is a member of the National Catholic Education Association. We follow the curriculum guidelines of the Diocese of Little Rock. The 26 member talented and committed faculty and staff includes 20 certified teachers. Of those 20 certified teachers, 6 hold Masters degrees. St. Boniface students participate in the Standardize Achievement Test each spring. Our students consistently score in the top 25th percentile nationally on these tests.
  • School size and Class size: Saint Boniface enrolls an average of 150 students a year in preschool through sixth grade. We have a student to teacher ratio on average of 13 to 1. We are also proud of our diversified student body.
  • Safety reputation: Saint Boniface security system runs 24 hours a day. No one is allowed to enter the building until they are recognized by a faculty member.
  • Special programs: We believe that offering diverse student activities is a key component to helping our students develop to their fullest potential, and discover their unique gifts and talents. Our school provides extra-curricular experiences in the following areas:
    Rhythm Band, Children’s Choir, Altar Servers, Spirit Squad, Battle of the Books, Baseball Teams, Basketball Teams, Quiz Bowl, Volunteer Projects. All extracurricular activities are sponsored by the SBCS Endowment Board. There are no costs to our families throughout the school year.
  • Costs: Compared to Other Private Catholic Schools we are more reasonable than most. 
  • Religious and Moral instruction: Founded in 1887, Saint Boniface Catholic School is a coeducational institution that provides a well-rounded, Catholic education for students from Preschool through 6th Grade. The school’s 128+ year Catholic tradition is rooted in the educational ministry and core values of the Benedictines: Prayer, Work, and Service
  • Curriculum: In addition to the basic Core Curriculum set forth by the state of Arkansas, each Saint Boniface student receives instruction in the following disciplines: Art, Spanish, Technology-SMART & Mimio Boards, Mini laptops, Tablets, Music, Library, Physical Education.

We would be honored to offer further communication about our school. Some ways to find out more are:

  • Arrange for a personal tour given by the Principal.
  • Bring your child(ren) to our “Shadow a Student” program.
  • Follow us on Facebook at Saint Boniface Catholic School, Twitter at St. Boniface School @ stbonifacesaint or Instagram at St. Boniface Catholic School.

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School Forms

Please find the forms below are needed for the 2017-2018 school year:

2017-18 Application for Admission Form

2017-18 Tuition Rates and Obligation Agreement

School Parent Handbook 

2017-18 Medical Information Sheet

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