2017-2018 School Supply List

Please download the PDF for your child’s grade and make sure that you purchase all items on the list so that your child will be ready for the new school year. Please remember that the following items are donated to the school from the School Endowment fund.

  • Assignment books – no charge

  • Field Trips – no charge

  • Math lab – no charge

  • Costumes or T-shirts for school plays – no charge

  • Flash drives for computers – no charge

This decreases the cost of the school supplies for your child exponentially.

All you are required to send with your child are the items listed below:

 School Supplies for Pre K-2

School Supplies for Preschool

School Supplies for Kindergarten

School Supplies for 1st Grade

School Supplies for 2nd Grade

School Supplies for 3rd Grade

School Supplies for 4th Grade

School Supplies for 5th Grade

School Supplies for 6th Grade